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Hi! My name is Katarina Piponi and I am a a fourth-year MSci Zoology student at the University of Nottingham. So far, my degree has taken me across continents from studying fireflies in Portugal and voles in Wales, to cheetah conservation in Namibia. My love for Zoology now brings me here, where I hope to provide informative and valuable posts about the scientific world behind the field of Zoology and hopefully supply contagious passion.

I am excited to begin this blogging journey where I will post ideas, opinions, commentary and updates on fields including: evolutionary developmental biology, evolutionary ecology, conservation, and animal behaviour. I believe blogs can be a phenomenal vehicle for accessible scientific communications and wonderfully complement scientific updates.

Welcome to Kats World of Zoology!

Check out some of my recent work on a bright novel derivative of crystal jelly’s (Aequorea victoria) green fluorescent protein (GFP) here.

Or listen to my brief discussion with Rosemary Felix about CRISPR/Cas mediated genome engineering here.

Published by KatarinaPiponi

I am a fourth-year MSci Zoology student at the University of Nottingham and looking to share my passion for evolutionary biology and animal behavior. I am currently researching colour polymorphism in Cepaea snails.

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